Thermo Fisher Scavenger Hunt – Usage

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Thermo Fisher Scavenger Hunt is a Augmented Reality App and only works properly in conjunction with the real-world markers which can be found all  over the hospitaly suites of Thermo Fisher on the ASMS 2016. Start the hunt, find a marker and reveal the hidden information.


Press the button in the home screen. If you already started the hunt, tap the screen once to bring ob the interface. Than tap the back button in the upper right corner to return the home screen. Tutorial contains a description what to do in this hunt.

Start the hunt

Press the “Start the hunt” button in the homescreen. You will see a picture of the camera. Go and find one of the markers and reveal the hidden information.

Take a photo

If you want to take a picture of the current view during the hunt tap the screen once to bring up the interface. Tap the “make photo” button. In the next screen you can see a preview of the photo. There you can decide to keep it, to delete it or to share it.

Share the photo

If you want to share the photo tap  the “share photo” button. It takes a few seconds to bring up the sharing menu. Here you can send the photo by mail. Or if you have facebook , twitter or a similar app installed you can share it over this app.

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