AnyMotion Gmbh Basic AR-App

Anymotion Basic App

AnyMotion GmbH is a service provider from Bremen which offers his customers a broad variation of services around VR and AR. This is a basic app which demonstrate the possibilities in 3 simple examples.

This app symbolise a innovative way to sell planning services and products from the engineering area. You can put an object on the desk of the customer and inspect it from all angles. Using the marker which can be your buisness card you can position any object on any surface.

This free app works with three markers from the areas „Maschinen- / Anlagenbau“, „Hochbau“ and „Windenergie“. Every model can be animated to displayed with individual text.

Load the markers form the sidebar oder from

– 6 detailed 3D-models
– 3 print markers
– tutorial
– usage of augmented reality
– 360° view on mobil devices
– animation, text, interaction and 1:1 display

AnyMotion wish you a lot of fun testing this app and appreciate your feedback. If you wish an individual app don’t hestiate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you for the best options.

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